Intel Leap Ahead - Live Without Boundaries

Intel® Centrino® Duo makes virtual and real worlds collide.
October 12-15, 2006

Can’t live without your laptop?  In a 72-hour experiment Intel showed how the power of Intel® Core™2 Duo processors enable you to live life without boundaries.

World-renowned virtual builder, Versu Richelieu, created a new masterpiece in the Second Life virtual landscape, using the power and performance of an Intel® Centrino® Duo based laptop featuring the Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor. The world’s best mobile processors1.  For 72 hours Versu ate, slept, and lived a completely digital life…all in a store window in New York City!

Check out the video and pictures below to see how she did. And click on the links on the right to find out more and see what the blogoshpere is saying about the event.

You can also visit the sim in Second Life here. >

You too can live without boundaries. Learn more ›

NYC Live Window: DataVision 5th Ave.

She did it! Congratulations Versu. Now get some rest. The streams are offline now, but you can see archive video of the entire build below. And check out the links to the right to get more information about the experiment and how you can live without boundaries.

Second Life

Please join us on the Live Without Boundaries SIM. Everyone is welcome!

Watch the Event Archive

Slideshow Snapshots from Second Life

Brief Audio Hello from Versu

NYC Live Window Event with Versu Richelieu

Final Audio Interview with Versu